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The wicked fast
coffee drive-thru experience

The moment you've been waiting for: your fresh, just-the-right-temp beverage is ready for pick up at our zero-wait automated kiosk. Simply drive up, grab your drink, and go. 

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The           pop-up is coming to Massachusetts JULY 2024

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Things are brewing, we'll p!ng you soon!

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The quickest pick-me-up

Super simple. Grab n' go!


Download our mobile app

Download our app and register an account in just minutes. Get your first 3 drinks free! 


Customize your order

We offer some of the most popular coffee shop drinks. Once you've selected your caffeine fix, customize to your liking.


Drive on by

Come by our automated station whenever you want. Have to run an errand first? No problem! Our technology detects you when you're close and only then starts to make your super fresh, super delicious morning cup of ambition. 


That's it!

Literally that's it. No need to scan a QR code, no need to hit the "I'm here" button. Just pull on up to the window and your order is ready for you. 


Zero-Wait Pickup

Open the p!ng app to indulge your coffee whims, whenever and wherever the urge strikes. Got a go-to fave? Use our one- click ordering feature to reorder in a snap.



Our menu is curated to the most popular drinks. The p!ng experience offers many ways to customize  so your drink can be made to your liking, every time.


No Compromise

Once your order is confirmed, our automated system gets to work — applying a proprietary process to prepare your drink quickly, without compromising its quality.

p!ng prepares the drinks you want, the way you want them — with no wait, no stress, and no compromise. No joke.


  • 20 to 45 minute wait times

  • 1 in 10 orders are inaccurate

  • Strained customer service

  • Understaffed & shortened hours

  • Inescapable drive thrus

  • Increasing prices

  • Less valuable rewards programs

  • Pressure to tip

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