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Every little P!NG we brew is magic.

coffee beans

Long lines, slow service, mixed up orders…what ever happened to fast food being, you know, fast? In a world where time is precious and coffee cravings are non-negotiable, YOU DESERVE BETTER. That’s where p!ng comes in. We’re here to serve your favorite drink with no wait, no compromise, and no stress.

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*Requires an iPhone 11 or newer. Have an Android, or an iPhone 10 or older? SIgn up for our waitlist.

coffee beans

We are an automated coffee drive thru

Check out what's brewing!

check out ping's curated menu of drinks and beverages
delicious premium coffee, energy drinks, and more


Hot drinks are 16 oz.
Iced drinks are 20 oz.

Coffee (hot and iced)
Energy drinks (fizzy and iced)
Enjoy fresh cold beverages together

Alchemy, George Howell (medium roast)

Mocha Java, Equator (dark roast)

Rebel Revive (lime, blue raspberry)

Force Fuel (peach, passion fruit, blue raspberry)

Phoenixfire (strawberry, lime, passion fruit)

Hyper Drive (guava, passion fruit, lime, coconut)

Galactic Gulp (pomegranate, lime, coconut, blue raspberry)

​Xwing Xtreme (peach, coconut, strawberry)

Magic Moxie (pomegranate, strawberry)

Dragonfire (pomegranate, peach)

Robonaut Punko (pomegranate, lime, passion fruit)

Create Your Own

Lattes (hot and iced)

Caffe latte

Vanilla latte

Chai tea latte


Create Your Own

ping branded coffee cup to go

Fruity & Floral Syrups

peach, strawberry, passion fruit, lime, coconut, guava, blue raspberry, lavender, pomegranate

Cold Foam & Whipped Cream

Liquid Sweeteners

cane syrup, stevia syrup, vanilla stevia syrup

Organic Teas & Lemonades (iced)
Iced black tea, unsweetened
Iced green tea, unsweetened
1/2 unsweetened tea, 1/2 lemonade


oatmilk, whole milk, skim milk

Classic Syrups

hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, chocolate

And more
Dasani® bottled water
Horizon® organic lowfat chocolate milk box
Honest Kids® organic apple juice box
Redbull® energy drink
Icebreaker® mints
Tea (hot)
English Breakfast (black)
Green tea
Mint (herbal)
Chamomile citrus (herbal)
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